Vets and pet owners agree: some dogs just love to chew and finding an indestructible dog toy to fit the bill can be a challenge. Those who have spend hundreds of dollars on toys that have wound up in pieces and shambles on your floor, here are 10 indestructible dog toys that will stand the test of time and may even be around a year from now.

The king of everlasting and indestructible dog toys is the Kong. Many different “models” are available, from a puppy sized version to a dental health toy and even the Extreme Kong. Houston veterinary technician Kerry Hunt says that the Kong family of dog toys are her clients’ number one favorite because they provide durability as well as mental stimulation and help contribute to healthy teeth and gums.

Sporting dogs can both train with and chew on a canvas or plastic dummy. Usually a tool for hunting dogs, dummies are both waterproof and chew-proof, making them a perfect water fetch toy for any breed.

Individuals or groups of large breed dogs or tough chewers will benefit from rope toys. Many dogs enjoy playing tug with each other and this is the perfect toy for rough play. Veterinarian Tim Sohns recommends rope toys because of associated dental health advantages; thread acts as floss that cleans between teeth.

Dogs that love balls will especially enjoy the Everlasting Treat Ball. It features an imperfect sphere that wobbles and treats can be replaced.

The Tug-a-Jug is as great for problem solving skills as it is a solid indestructible chew toy. The jug is loaded with food or treats and dogs figure out how to get the food out. Three sizes are available, meaning that even small chewers have a toy that is just their size.

Another excellent rope toy is Nuts for Knots. Ropes formed in to the shape of a ball make for fun throw-and-fetch play as well a toy that is good for self-entertainment and dental health. It is also available in three different sizes, ensuring a perfect size for every dog.

The Hurley is made from recycled materials and is lifetime guaranteed against destruction! It floats and even bends, for hours of entertainment. This toy is also available in more than one size.

The Buster Cube also encourages intellectual development and curiosity with food rewards. Medium and large dogs will keep themselves busy trying to get to the food!

Dogs who enjoy fetch will love the extra large tennis ball called the Giant Tuff Ball. Unlike traditional tennis balls, the Tuff Ball is non-toxic and made just for dogs.

The Nylabone Dental Cone is perfect for dogs who love to chew all the time. The massaging knobs keep teeth clean and gums healthy while the unusual shape ensures that dogs’ jaws will be exercised properly and frequently.

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