Mrs. Beasley (herein after referred to as Bea) is a two year old Yorkshire terrier. She originally came from a breeder near Myrtle Beach South Carolina. She is named for a doll of a little girl on a TV show called, “Family Affair”. The little girl’s character was called Buffy and the doll she could never be separated from was Mrs. Beasley. For those of you who have never heard of “Family Affair”, this was a sitcom that was popular back in the mid to late sixty’s.
Bea is a bouncy happy go lucky ball of fluff. She thinks she is human and is highly intelligent. Her favorite place to sit in the house is at the front bedroom window. Here she can watch what is happening in the neighborhood and guard the house. The windows in this room have interior louvered shutters that are hinged. There is a wicker chest with a blanket that she sits on. She is not content to sit there and peak through the slats of the shutters. She needs the shutters to swing open so that she gets an unobstructed view of her world.

Today those shutters were in the closed position and Bea came and got her owner to open those shutters for her. She very politely placed her front paws on her owner’s leg, gave a little whine, and tilted her head. When her owner got up to see what she wanted, Bea led her beloved owner to her favorite spot. The only thing this little creature cannot do is talk.

Yorkies are a very popular breed of small dog. They make extremely good pets. Bea weighs about ten pounds which is on the large side for a Yorkie. They can range anywhere from three to fifteen pounds. I have read that they don’t make a good pet for children. I would guess that this would depend on the dog and the situation. Bea is great with little children. She is not around them a lot but she definitely loves them.

If you are looking for a pet, the Yorkie is an excellent choice. They don’t shed, as they have hair rather than fur. This makes them a good pet for anyone who may have an allergy. They do require a lot of attention and don’t like to be left alone much. You will need patience to house break them. But once this is accomplished, you will have a perfect little buddy.

Bea was very easy to train. She never chews on anything except her own toys. It took about a year to get her fully house trained. Whenever we go out she has the run of the house. Until she was potty trained, though, we would put her in a dog crate or took her with us.

In my opinion the Yorkie is a perfect pet. They travel well, are fun loving, and make a wonderful companion. Whenever we are out Bea brings smiles to the faces of the people around her. Everyone wants to pet her.

Thinking about a pet? Keep the little Yorkshire terrier in mind.

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